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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 30, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hour two. welcome. i'm brooke baldwin. families are reacting as the man accused of carrying out the massacre officials hears the charges against him. 124 counts including two dozen murder charges. we'll talk about that in just a moment. first, to syria. we have been talking about the commercial hub of this country, that being aleppo. so far they have failed to rest control of the city from the increasing confident rebels. take a look at this video. far from hunkering down and taking a pounding. the anti-government rebels attacked this military base. this is north of aleppo. they drove out the government forces and seized all kinds of
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weapons including several tanks. iran watson is in syria. he witnessed this battle overnight. here is what he said. >> reporter: the army base was firing in all different directions with machine guns. it was firing big tanks outside hitting the neighbors villages. they called in artillery all the way from aleppo which was a couple of miles down the road. in the end, the rebels captured the outpost which was defended by a dozen tanks and army personnel carriers. today we went down to see the aftermath of the battle. the rebels had carted away four tanks that they captured and taking away boxes and boxes of ammunition that they captured. >> ivan watson for us. they are giving government forces fight in aleppo. it's not been since, it hasn't been this slaughter, this
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massacre that some have predicted, at least not yet. we have gotten video. i know it's tough to look at this but some of it shows bodies of government soldiers there in the middle of these streets. we know the rebels have lost some fighters as well. they are not rolling over. we do have this. syrian rebels pumping ground to air fire at a government helicopter. you see the chopper in the skies overhead. the rebels are making a stand in aleppo. i was to bring in hala. just walk in because you and i have talked so much about this map and the significance. we were talking friday reading for this battle, this offensive that was to happen over the weekend. before we talk aleppo, this is anadan that the rebels have overtaken. that's significant. >> what ivan watson was reporting to us and on cnnor national we have been covering this is that anadan, the
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military base itself is surrounded by villages unsympathetic to forces. it's not surprising they were able to overrun this base. they did not get re-enforcements from other troops in and around aleppo. they were basically fighting for themselves without any kind of help or support from other re m regime forces in the area, which is surprising. if they had this, you would expect nor cooperation to happen in this base and elsewhere in aleppo province. >> aleppo is this area, salahuddin. >> it is rebel held and intense shelling is going on in the last 24 hours for the people that have been able toll enter
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salahuddin with help. i've been speaking with some activist who have come into salahuddin, which is a low income neighborhood with people sympathetic to rebel psrebels. it's not as straightforward has people think it is. there are sympathies for the rebels and the rebels are holding it. these are not fighters that are coming in from the outside. they sound from aleppo. these guys are locals. that said, one last point i want to make is we are hearing increasing reports that jihadi fighters are coming in to syria to help with the fight against the regime. we're talking afghans. this makes the situation a lot more complicated. do you think the situation could change in aleppo where the government moves in and takes it. how likely is that?
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>> i think it's very likely. this is the crown jewel along with with damascus. it's a lot more fluid. anadan is outside of aleppo. look how clear of a route they now have to the turkish border. this is all clear for the rebels to take in terms of smuggling in equipment and supplies and arms as well. >> thank you. now this. a lot more news happening this hour. clash of the titans. apple and samsung in court battling it over over where samsung ripped off designs. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> it's iran that is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. >> mitt romney gets forcef fufu iran as one magazine causes
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we have now learned 142 criminal counts here for this suspected movie theater gunman, james holmes. that announced just this morning inside the courtroom. we're just seeing these sketches coming in this afternoon. cameras not allowed inside for today's hear iing in colorado. today, holmes saying one single solitary word in court answering simply and softly, yes, in response to a question by the judge. ed, 142 criminal counts. 142. walk me through them. >> reporter: well 24 of those are first-degree murder charges.
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116 are attempted murder charges and one for possessing explosives and the other one is an enhancement because of the violence of this crime. we asked one of the victims afterwards if they thought that was enough. we're told the prosecutors said this was a strategy to basically go after the amount of charges that they felt they could go after in a timely manner. that was a bit of the strategy, the prosecution strategy why they filed these 142 charges today. >> who was in court? >> reporter: half of that was news media of the 100. the other half was victim of survivors and victim family members invited to come. also an overflow room full of people as well. many of them spoke with us after about what it was like to be there in that room with james
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holmes so close to him. this was the first time they had seen this man since the shooting. we spoke with a woman by the name of mary helen henson. she was pregnant and lost the child and her 6-year-old baby girl was also killed. that aunt spoke with us about what it was like being in there a little while ago. >> it was very important to come today to see him as who he was, and there was a lot of anger that anybody had the right to do something like that. i just wanted to have the opportunity to really watch his gestures, to get a sense of the type of character he was. >> reporter: brook, i also wanted to point out she had given us an update for ashley
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mosser as well. she's the woman who was pregnant, lost that child. we learned , we learned a few days ago. she's paralyzed as a result of her wounds as well. a tragic experience that family is dealing with. >> awful. i cannot begin to imagine. thank you from colorado. i do want to talk a bit more about these charges that this man is facing, 142 counts. 24 of those are for first-degree murder. he's only accused of killing 12 people. this is all something that's called depraved indifference. let's talk to defense attorney joey jackson. explain this for me. explain what exactly is depraved indifference and why does it mean someone can be charged twice for the very same crime. >> what happens is that murder is what we call a specific intent crime. in order to establish it, you have to intend to prosecution has to demonstrate that you
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intended the death. you intended to commit murder. however, under depraved indifference, the argument becomes different. it becomes not what you intended to do but what your actions caused. you acted with such moral bankruptcy, you acted with such depravity and inhumaneness and as the result of those actions it caused a death. it's a big difference. the prosecution is allowed to charge multiple theories and different theories for the same crime. dui accident, you blow into a tube, if you reach a certain limit, you're drunk. if the tube is not working, they can also get you and find you guilty because they see science of your drunkenness. same kind of concept. the prosecutor is allowed to pursue multiple theories. >> we have the news on friday that apparently this suspected gunman had been a patient at his
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university of colorado and he delivered this package to his psychiatrist. would this be considered protective communication or could this be evidence in the case? >> it would. let me explain how this is going to happen. what happens is when you, in the event you pursue an insanity defense. you put your state of mind at issue. the privilege has to fall. now you have the prosecution that's attempting to rebut it and your mental status is at issue. how can you have a trial if you only one side can see the evidence relating to your mental state and the other side can't. if the defense opens the door, although there's a privilege that concerns medical records and history, that door is open. thereby allowing the prosecution to have the records ande freely admissible in front of jury. >> that means we would have a
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spoiler alert. spoiler alert. if you don't want to hear them. i'll pause. pop your tv on mute. you can't watch it live. the network will be broadcasting the competition in primetime. olympic rising star missy franklin gets the gold. she gets the gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke. american matt grieber wins gold while ryan lochte takes fourth in the 200 meter relay.
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japan is awarded men's gymnastic team silver after an appeal edging the british team into the bronze. there you have it. unmute. i want to talk about the battle for tech titans. in one courtroom you have apple, and the other corner you have samsung. maker of its own successful smartphone. what does this mean to you and me? let's bring in alison kosik. alison, what are they fighting about. >> >> what this boils down to is who copied who and who invented what? this is being called the patent trial of the century. apple is saying you copied the iphone and ipad and samsung says its designs were too much like apple's.
12:21 pm
apple is asking for $2.5 billion in sales damage and loss profits. that's apple's side. samsung says the inspiration came from sony's plan for its smartphones. samsung says apple wants the stifle competition and limit consumer choice. this case is interesting because it made the inner workings public. you can bet the information flow is only beginning. >> the patent trial of the century. thank you. dan, you're in san jose. i know people are saying what does this mean? what would an apple victory mean for me? >> apple wants to discontinue products that infringe on their copyrights. they don't want the products sold in stores. it's interesting that apple went after samsung.
12:22 pm
they didn't go after google. they believe if you take an iphone and put it next to a samsung smart phone that it imitates the look, feel and design of the product, of the iphone. they are asking the judge to slap them with a $2.5 billion fine and they don't want the products sold in stores. this could be highly technical testimony and it's going to be up to the judge and the attorneys as well as the witnesses to dumb this down for the jury so they can understand things. >> we'll see where this goes. i'll see what happens. we appreciate that. thank you. now to something that defitely has politicaled insiders talking to. mitt romney's, the quote, unquote wimp factor. there's a deeper conversation to be had here about iran. wolf blitzer sat down with the republican on what he would do
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the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at republican presidential hopeful, mitt romney has arrived in poland now after a weekend visit to israel. romney is meeting with to government officials and paying tribute to the solidarity labor movement that's helped bring down communist rule. it's romney's remarks on iran delivered just yesterday that have a lot of people talking. i want to bring in wolf blitzer who is live there. i know you talked to mitt romney. he said he would support any and all measures to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb and his words, no option should
12:27 pm
be excluded. my question is how much of that speech yesterday, to the tough talk on iran, was geared to a u.s. audience versus an israeli audience? >> reporter: i think it was geared to both. i think he wanted to tell the people of israel that if he were president of the united states he would work with them to make sure iran didn't become a military nuclear power. at the same time he was trying to speak to supporters and others back in the united states that he was firmly aligned with israel on this sensitive issue of iran and he would not let iran become a nuclear power and would not have a nuclear weapon. that's exactly the same position that president obama has said he will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapon. both of these candidates insist that the u.s. policy should not be to contain a nuclear iran but not let iran become a nuclear power to begin with. they both support sanctions and
12:28 pm
extensive pressure. both president obama and mitt romney are saying if all of that fails, they're not ruling out other options including the military option. on this sensitive issue, i don't see a whole lot of difference between what president obama is saying and what mitt romney is saying. >> okay. perhaps not as much political risk. i want you to weigh in but not as much political risk criticizing iran while standing on israeli soil and we now know he's in poland. i know you've been watching the trajectory and i'm curious of what you think of this effort to bolster his foreign policy credentials. >> reporter: he's trying. he got in some trouble in london. some of the comments he made he got repriman rrimaneprimanded.
12:29 pm
he's also this morning at a fund-raiser for wealthy american jewish supporters, used the word of culture and the pal testinia are angry calling his remarks racist and upset what he was saying about jerusalem. that's an awkward situation for him. if his goal was to strengthen his national security credentials, he's gotten into trouble with a certain degree with the british and to a certain degree with palestinians and other arabs because of what he's saying here. >> i do not only want to point out have you talked to mitt romney, you also hve been
12:30 pm
interviewing the israeli president and defense minister. we're going to hear that coming up on your show. i want to play this. i know barack had an interesting answer to you when you asked him about u.s.-israeli relations under president obama. let's listen. >> i can see long years administration of both sides of political aisle deeply supporting the state and i believe it inflicts profound feelings among the american people. they should tell you that this administration under president obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that i can remember in the past. >> more than anything he can remember in the past. were you surprised by that answer, wolf? >> reporter: it was really am e amazing when you think about it because the defense minister and the president of israel in separate interviews earlier
12:31 pm
today that i conducted with both of them, they both went out of their way, they were praising president obama for his support of israel. both suggesting the u.s.-israeli military relationship, the intelligence community was as least as good if not better than it's been before. they really went out of their way to praise the president. all of this will be music to the ears of the obama campaign in chicago. not so much to the romney campaign in boston. that's what the two leaders said. even as mitt romney was getting ready to leave israel for poland, both of them were sitting down with me and going out of their way to praise president obama, rejecting this notion that some have said he hasn't been supportive enough of israel. i didn't hear that from the president of israel or the defense minister. >> wow. we'll look for all tee of these interviews. we appreciate it.
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crackdown of baby formula. starting in little more than a month, the date is september 3rd, 27 new york city hospitals will be supporting this campaign to keep new moms from feeding their baby formulas. there are guidelines from the administration of the new york mayor end distribution of free infant formula. restrict access. that means keeping it under lock and key. this is according to the village voice. track formula distribution which include citing the reason for giving it in the first place and discourage mothers from bottle feeding so staff will tell mother who is have just given birth why they should be breast-feeding instead. let's go to kathryn conner. welcome back to the show. here is a question. i put this one out to twitter and got some pretty colorful responses.
12:44 pm
my question is does it bother you that this is coming from man, albeit the mayor of new york city? >> a little bit. i think coming from a man makes it feel pretty paternalistic. to be frank, it's paternalistic. i think we should be doing everything we can to encourage breast-feeding. i totally agree with restricting the disptribution of formula bu demendsing medical reasons and coming from a man makes it hard to ignore that. >> there are benefits and you acknowledge this. it reduces the risk of ear infections, allergies, sudden infantasti infant death syndrome. what about the women who cannot physically breast-feed? how would this make them feel?
12:45 pm
>> well, i think that's really the core of the problem. when you put such severe restrictions on the use of formula, when you put restrictions on the choice to formula feed you're going doing the road of shaming it. for mother who is struggle with depression, this puts a lot of pressure and has the potential to shame them. >> i'm not a mom, but i know that i've had, i have friends that are moms and there's a guilt associated with not being able to do that. perhaps this would further exacerbate that sense of guilt. rhode island and massachusetts, have stopped giving out free formula at hospitals. that happened in the last year or so but tracking formula like medication and having it under lock and key. why? >> obviously, this program is intended to do everything possible to restrict the use of
12:46 pm
formula. again, i think there are certain measures that are important and that we should be applauding. restricting, eliminating the marketing of formula is a very important move. however, when you turn formula into a medical issue and the discretion of the nurse and put it under lock and key, the messaging is extraordinary. then you are saying to women you're not capable of making this choice for yourself. we don't trust you to make the right choice. whether or not to breast-feed should be any woman o's persona choice. >> what if the mayor were a woman, would you feel the same way? >> i think if he were a woman, this program would have been dealt a more delicate hand. i don't think we would have seem the extreme measures like lock and key and medical reasons. i think the optics of this being the dictate of man does make it
12:47 pm
problematic. >> send me a tweet? what do you think about this? thank you so much. >> thank you. we have just gotten word, democrats are considering an addition to their convention platform this year. an issue that is not only controversial but has never made an experience at a democratic convention, ever. ( whirring and crackling sounds ) man: assembly lines that fix themselves. the most innovative companies are doing things they never could before, by building on the cisco intelligent network. mid grade dark roast forest fresh full tank brain freeze cake donettes rolling hot dogs g of ice anti-freeze wash and dry diesel
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just in to us here at cnn, a possible addition at the democratic convention this year. it's an issue that's never actually made the platform before. i want to go to cnn political director mark preston for this. mark, what are we talking about? >> we're talking about same-sex marriage, which has been the hot button social issue that we've been talking about for a couple months. the reason being that president obama came out recently saying that he supports same-sex marriage.
12:51 pm
democrats were meeting this weekend. they were tracking what the plot form was going to be at the the democratic convention in charlotte. one thing they have put into the draft language right now is there would be an amendment in there to acknowledge that supportive of same-sex marriage. this is in many ways historic. it has to g through a couple more it rations before it makes its way to charlotte. but this would be historic for the democrats were to vote on and approve the idea of same-sex marriage. >> if they vote on and improve it, they will be watching charlotte and the dnc. how will this materialize there? >> what will happen is of course, we'll have the convention, which will start one day later. i think it will start on the fourth. they'll have to agree to the platform. there will be a vote. and, of course, it will very likely go through.
12:52 pm
you know, we put this very much through the presidential lens when we're talking about this. there's more than president obama on the ballot in november. even though it may be helpful to his election process, it could potentially be hurtful to conservative democrats who represent areas throughout the country where same-sex marriage is not necessarily embraced. >> this is huge, and as you point out. it would be a first. from washington, thank you. millions of dollars at stake. a huge bath salts and other synthetic drug busts by the feds in more than 100 cities. we'll talk with the father who lost his sun to synthetic marijuana. it's a very emotional interview. don't miss this. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network.
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12:56 pm
he gets out of his car, fires right at an officer. this is fortville, indiana. tried to pull him over for a broken taillight. fired 12 rounds, then hopped back in his car and drove off. the officers recovering the dash cam video also shows he didn't think he was going to make it. >> hang in there, buddy. >> i'm dying. >> no you're not, buddy. you're not going to die. >> our indianapolis affiliate shows the suspect here, james lockhart, died later in the night after shooting at other officers. and a tragic story to report from the pro football world. tennessee titans receiver o.j. murdoch has committed suicide. the titans say he missed last season with an achilles injury and he had not reported to
12:57 pm
training camp. murdock was 25 years old. sometimes what we do on the show touches you just as much as it touches us. this is the case of an interview i did on friday with a man by the name of lance dyer. just last march his 14-year-old son dakota became a victim of designer drugs. in this case, synthetic marijuana. >> cody was contacted by two of his friends on social media facebook. and they had mentioned synthetic marijuana, what they were calling legal weed. he said we can hook you up with it sometimes. finally he said something about maybe. he said, we will hook you up with our man. on friday the 9th between 6:00 and 7:30 that afternoon, he jumped on his bicycle, and run
12:58 pm
a up to wal-greens, a local star we have. to get a drink. i don't remember exactly what he looked for. it was uncommon. he came back. he was in the house with me and his mother all night long. we watched normal tv programs. at 12:30 me and him were sitting on the counter drinking milk and eating cookies discussing going into his local sporting good store to get his body armor for spring training practice. i believe the movie was called "battleship" that just came out. him and his buddies wanted to go it on sunday. everything was fine. we got up the next morning. we left. we had errands to run, certain things. we returned back home at exactly 12:10, we know his last text message was at 11:46. some time between the time we
12:59 pm
left home or maybe right prior to that, dakota made a 14-year-old decision when he accepted it. he made an even worse decision when he smoked it. within a matter of hours they went through a psychosis, is what they call it, or psychotic episode. he took a handgun and took his own life. >> lance dyer is trying to give back to the emergency workers who tried to save dakota's life and honor his son's memory. he has started a program to turn these old mailboxes like this one here, into drop boxes to get rid of designer drugs like the synthetic marijuana that ultimately killed his son, and any drugs, including old, unused prescription medicines to keep them off the streets. he placed 400 drug drop boxes. on saturday he wrote into us af w